Compassion Strengths

Workshops, consultations, education and support for care givers.

Ongoing Education

Your Most Valuable Resource

Knowledge is one of your most valuable resources and one that needs regular replenishing. Visit our on-going education page regularly where you have access to a wide variety of articles and chapters on various topics including ways to help you prevent compassion fatigue and burnout, methods for increasing positive energy, understanding traumatic stress disorders, severe and persistent mental illness and depression as well as techniques for counseling. All articles are free and are continually being updated.                        
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Stress/Burnout/Compassion Fatigue

Transform Compassion Fatigue: The Joy of Being Good Enough
The essence of Transforming Compassion Fatigue: The Joy of Being: Good Enough, is about developing and sustaining a shift of perception in how we see ourselves as care givers that will positively impact how we feel about our work, our clients, our work culture and our relationships with co-workers. This basic and essential change is a transformation in our self-perception from "enoughLESS" to "enoughNESS."

Transform Compassion Fatigue Into Flow: Chapter 1
This is the introduction and first chapter to my book on How to Transform Compassion Fatigue Into Flow and Peak Performance.

Burned out or Burned up?
Are you burned out or actually burned up? Learn how the experience of burnout is actually blocked energy rather than no energy. In this short, easy to read article, Karl will show you how emotion is actually Energy in MOTION and describe 7 simple strategies to manage it.

Energy Management for Healthcare Professionals
In this quick and easy reference, Karl describes five easy strategies you can immediately use to calm and center your mind, effectively join and navigate the energy of your self and others to develop flow and peak performance.

The Care Giving Personality
Learn why you were attracted to care giving (it wasn't the money!) and how this attraction can be both your strength and weakness.

The Personal Cost of Care
Job stress is estimated to cost American industry between 200 and 300 billion dollars annually, that care givers are likely to have experienced trauma in their own childhood. How does this affect us?

What is Parallel Process (Are emotions contagious?)
Did you know that emotions are contagious? When we unconsciously absorb and internalize emotions we are more susceptible to experiencing distraction, sensitivity, overload and misperception.

Regaining Safety and Control
Learn the physical, emotional and mental experience of safety and how to regain control. Learn grounding and centering techniques.

Reconnecting with Your Body
Re-discover your mind/body connection with the practice of Qigong — an ancient Chinese system of mind/body integration.

Recreating Competence
Learn 7 strategies that will empower you to achieve peak performance!

Mental Illness/Counseling

Psycho-educational Family Support
Family members of people with severe and persistent mental illness are often the untreated client. Learn the basics of psycho-educational family support in this short easy to read article.

Understanding Chronic Mental Illness
This is the first section of "A Handbook for Understanding and Treating Chronic Mental Illness" written for social workers, counselors, nurses and other providers who work with people with severe and persistent mental illness that describes the symptoms of SPMI in easy to read, plain language.

The Therapeutic Relationship
In this second section of "A Handbook for Understanding and Treating Chronic Mental Illness" the therapeutic relationship, resistance and regression, transference and counter-transference are examined.

The Process of Counseling
In this third section of "A Handbook for Understanding and Treating Chronic Mental Illness" the processes and modalities of counseling people with chronic mental illness are described
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