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Energy Management For Care Providers


When you are in a rush and begin to feel the tightness in your shoulders – slow down for just a second. Place your attention in the parts of your body that feels tense. Allow your conscious awareness to just enter into these places like a soothing mist. Visualize and feel your tension being soothed and liquefied. Allow yourself to breathe out a sigh of relief and visualize the tension escaping with your breath.


When you notice that you are feeling tired and drained try the following exercise. In a seated position with your back straight, place your hands in your lap. Allow your attention to focus on the tightness in your neck and shoulders. As you slowly breathe in, tighten and rotate your neck and shoulders pulling them up as though you could touch your ears. Visualize all of your breath and energy going straight to where you feel your stress and tension. Hold this position for just a moment as you visualize the tension and stress breaking into tiny pieces. With a gush of relief allow all of your breath and tension to rush out with your breath as you drop your shoulders. Slowly and deeply take in a deep refreshing breath visualizing the oxygen filling, soothing and re-energizing every nerve and cell in your body. Slowly exhale and repeat the exercise as needed.


When you are confronted by a sudden, unexpected crisis or difficult situation that threatens to knock you off balance, stop! Relax and breathe. Allow your attention to return to your body. Slightly bend your knees, relax your shoulders and breathe deeply from your stomach. Allow the shock wave to pass through your body without tensing and holding onto it. Imagine the energy is passing through you and being grounded like an electrical current. Regain your emotional balance and re-focus on discovering a solution.


When you are engaged in a communication or in a relationship and you want to develop rapport allow your body to be relaxed, loosen your shoulders and breathe out any tension. Imagine your body and mind becoming open and receptive to the Energy in MOTION of the person you are engaged with. Momentarily suspend thought and judgment to become a participant/observer. Simultaneously feel the flow of your own internal energy as you join with your partner while observing their breath, body posture and movement. Allow yourself to effortlessly mirror their posture, movements, rhythm, tone and quality of voice. Develop a harmonious flow as you dance in movement and conversation.


Each day before you go to work spend just 10 minutes visualizing and rehearsing your day. Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed, sit with your back straight, hands on your stomach and breathe slow, deep, relaxing breaths. Allow your attention to sink into a safe, comfortable place deep in the center of your being. From this place of comfort and safety visualize your upcoming day. Whenever you notice tension in your body or restriction in your breath relax, breathe and visualize yourself mirroring and joining with the person and/or situation that is causing your tension. Become the skillful participant/observer and allow your creative imagination to discover win/win solutions to every challenge. See and feel yourself in a state of flow as you effortlessly dance through your day!

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