Compassion Strengths

Workshops, consultations, education and support for care givers.


Strength based
...consultation is an approach to engage, empower and educate care givers that honors and emphasizes what they do best.  It focuses on developing strengths, producing resilience, fostering vitality, and cultivating a positive work culture. Utilizing guided experiential  learning, participants discover how to maximize their strengths individually, in teams and as an organization in service of their clients. 

Thriving, consultation

In our custom-designed constitutions you and your organization will: 

  • Recognize how the unique stresses that accompany providing care and counseling for others can impact clients, workers, teams and the organizational culture;
  • Identify personal, client and organizational strengths as the foundation for Thriving!;
  • Embrace a strengths-based, solution focused perspective working with clients to help them Thrive!;
  • Maximize the power of positive relationships with clients, co-workers and teams;
  • Learn specific interviewing techniques that will maximize client empowerment and engagement while reducing worker stress and compassion fatigue;
  • Develop a culture of gratitude and appreciation that will increase positive emotions, communication and relationships within the organization; 
  • Utilize the power of gratitude and the science of savoring to facilitate positive change in your clients;
  • Re-kindle your passion for compassion individually and as an organization by strengthening your sense of purpose and mission for your work and your clients;
  • Create organizational harmony through shared vision, inspiration, empowerment and a commitment to higher values and pursuit of common goals.

Comments from participants at the Thriving! consultations:

“The feeling of defeat, inadequate, struggles and frustration were amazingly reduced during the consultation. I began to revisit my strengths and the unrealistic expectation that I had on myself. I have begun to appreciate myself more and the things that I have instead of focusing on the things I don’t have. I also have a deeper understanding about the culture in our centre and how much the centre has been caring for the worker. Thus, it has driven me to contribute back to this centre so that everyone could benefit and making their staying at SFC an enjoyable one.”

“Having a cohesive environment with gratefulness and appreciation to other colleagues, and having colleagues to have as a team by utilizing their respective areas of strength, has brought the joy back into this work that I love. ”

“Have a better understanding of compassion fatigue and knowing that it is actually normal for me to feel the way I do. It provided me with ideas to cope with this fatigue and helping me to embrace myself and my own strengths, that I am good enough.”

Take our Thriving! at Work Assessment

Is your organization Thriving! or striving? Take our Thriving! at Work Assessment which measures employees degree of empowerment, engagement and resilience as indicated by their feelings about their work, their clients, thier work culture and relationships. Email us today for an appointment.
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