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"Qi is the Chinese word for 'life energy.' According to Chinese medicine, qi is the animating power that flows through all living things... Gong, means 'work' or 'benefits acquired through perseverance and practice.' Thus, qigong means working with the life energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of qi to improve health and harmony of mind and body."

The Way of Qigong by Kenneth Cohen, MA, Ballatine Books, ©1997
              Introduction to Qigong
Learning Qigong is one of the greatest gifts of my life. I was at a point in my career as a clinical social worker in which I was burned out, depressed, taking large doses of Prozac, just quit the profession i had once loved and had no intention of returning. In 1990 I moved to Singapore and by coincidence or synchronicity met Mr. Simon Yong who, at that time, was a 10th degree black belt, former personal security to the Prime Minister of Singapore, head of the Singapore anti-terrorist task force and master of Qigong. At our first meeting he looked right through me at said: "Your energy is not good. Come with me, we will practice Qigong."
Qigong, martial arts, free flow
We originally met every morning at sunrise at the East Coast Park next to the beach. He demonstrated what appeared to be very simple, easy movements that were done slowly and smoothly in coordination with breathing.Slowly I learned to move with a natural internal rhythm and to give up my need for external control learning to trust the natural being within me. With each week of practice I could sense a releasing of old, stagnent, frozen energy and the accumulation of alive, flowing energy in motion. After six months of Qigong I threw my Prozac away! I have not taken it since.
Qigong is NOT a religion, philosophy or cult.

There are sometimes misunderstandings about Qigong. I found this out traveling throughout the United States, the Middle East, China and Singapore sharing some of my experiences with others. In fact I was advised not to mention my study of Qigong when traveling to Beijing as part of an Ambassador Program of mental health therapists. There was apparently some confusion between Qigong and Falun Gong. In consulting with Master Yong, he assured, Qigong is not Falun Gong and is not a religion, philosophy or cult. 

The Practice of Qigong

Practicing Qigong is one of the most natural and enjoyable activities you can do. Below are a couple of videos that you can play and try out Qigong for yourself. The videos are self-explanatory. Remember to relax, breathe, flow with your energy and have fun.

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