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Thriving! Empowerment, Engagement and Resilience at Work

Our Thriving @ Work series of workshops offer half, full and two day learning opportunities. Based on research and developed from personal experience you will discover how to identify the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and apply proven strategies that will help you  recover your passion for care giving. Some of the topics include:

  • Understand how and why you can sometimes feel burdened, helpless, exhausted, even burned out when caring for others.
  • Learn effective methods you can use the very next day to help you manage your stress and transform exhaustion into energy.             
  • Re-gain your sense of purpose as a care giver by re-defining your mission and re-affirming your self-efficacy.
  • Learn how discovering and utilizing your strengths can help you feel more empowered while improving your ability to be effective as a  helper.                     
  • Embrace your positive emotions as a real resource to increase your energy and enthusiasm while preventing burnout.
  • Understand how the “science of savouring” can prolong your happy moments and shorten your unhappy ones.
  • Learn how gratitude can change your mind, your heart and your life for the better.
  • Discover how the power of full engagement can bring more vigour, dedication and absorption into your work.
Thriving! Empowerment, Engagement and Resilience at Work was recently completed  as a pilot project with the National Council of Social Services. Here is what some of the participants say:

“After attending the workshop, I’ve come to learn to pace myself at work and open my heart and eyes to the many little things that can bring simple joy and satisfaction.” 
“Thrive came in 3 stages – self, amongst peers/co-workers and eventually the organization and community. It is important to self-care as a worker as it is the foundation to our profession."
Thriving! isn't JUST for social workers!

Compassion fatigue and burnout can affect anybody who is responsible for helping others; doctors, nurses, teachers, mental health professionals, law enforcement, clergy, nursing home  and family care givers to name just a few. The good news is, there are proven methods that have helped thousands of caregivers in every profession.  Email us today for a complimentary consultation.

Karl LaRowe also provides workshops and consultation on other topics of mental health, personal and professional growth. Each individualized workshop is developed for your organizations specific needs and can be delivered on-site.
"I would like to recommend Karl LaRowe without reservation as an acclaimed and sought after professional speaker, author and consultant whose collaboration with our company has been a tremendous asset. Our company contracts nationally with dozens of expert speakers and authors, training thousands of professionals nationwide and the reviews and feedback Karl receives are some of the very best in the company. Attendees at Karl’s seminars often cite his knowledge, wit, charm and compassion when applauding his effectiveness as an instructor. Karl creates an optimum environment for learning through his tremendous ability to connect with an audience and relate his clinical experience.”

- Michael Olson, Mental Health Project Manager, PESI health care, LLC

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