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Breath of Transformation


“Here can begin the alchemical process of transformation. As we allow the mind to settle down and see itself, our perspective broadens. We can connect with sensibility behind the reactions and thoughts, with what lies in that gap between precept and concept. In that gap we catch a glimpse of a bigger sense of things” (p.381)

-           Tara Bennet-Goleman: “Emotional Alchemy”

Practicing Breath of Transformation

Practice Breath of Transformation after you are able to do two minutes of each of the other breaths with only a short rest in between. By now your legs and back should be fairly strong and getting prepared for the next step of being able to do the entire FlowMotion exercise.

To practice the Breath of Transformation (as well as the whole of FlowMotion) is to invoke transformation through consciously circulating energy and awareness throughout the body. The very act of conscious breathing and mindful movement are in themselves transformational. I do not believe it is possible NOT to evolve into a more conscious, creative and joyful being when practicing FlowMotion; the motions themselves are the expression, the spontaneous, creative play of the Natural Self.

Breath of Transformation is the final movement in FlowMotion and is the synthesis and integration of the energy, awareness and motion that has been generated by the last three movements. When practiced as a whole and unbroken, flowing motion, each breathing movement activates, circulates and evolves Qi energy through certain “Gates of Transformation;” Blindness, Duality, Oneness and Emptiness.

Each “Gate” is a point of energy-awareness perception. As your Qi energy “evolves” through the practice of FlowMotion, your energy and perception will also begin to expand and transform. Each transformation begins as a glimpse into a different way of perceiving yourself in relation to your reality.

Breath of Transformation is a portal, a point of entrance into a different perception of yourself in relation to your internal and external realities. Each time you pull your hands, arms and elbows upward, be as sensitive as you can to your internal core Qi energy that is also circulating upwards through the center of your body.

Can you visualize the motion of your upward, pulling palms drawing energy from your core into your heart center, from your heart center into your head and finally out the top of your head as your hands reach in harmony overhead? Can you also visualize your palms pulling this energy from your abdomen in an upward arc? Do you sense any changes in the quality of energy and/or your perception as you perform this motion?

Energy and perception are simply two sides of the same quantum coin. As your energy transforms you will begin to look at yourself, your life and others in subtly different ways.

Over a period of time practicing Breath of Transformation and FlowMotion, your perception will evolve; from experiencing yourself as alone and special AS the middle of your personal universe – to perceiving yourself as a small/ordinary yet deeply connected and vital part of the shared universe.

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