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About Karl LaRowe

Karl LaRowe was on the brink of burnout. He felt depressed, tired, and anxious all the time. His stomach, neck, and back muscles were always tense. His heart seemed like it was going to explode. The unpredictable violence and trauma he experienced working as a crisis counselor in the emergency room of a busy inner city hospital had left him with Compassion Fatigue. Unable to control and manage the secondary-traumatic stress he encountered at work, he developed severe and persistent depression and nearly ended his life by suicide.

In combination with therapy and medication, Karl researched and developed new methods to recover from trauma and depression.  Utilizing somatic awareness, conscious breathing, mindful movement and creative visualization, he developed effective natural methods for restoring his energy and vitality for care giving. As a result, he was able to discontinue his medication and return to the work he loved again.

By combining elements of mindful movement with positive psychology
  Karl developed FlowMotion - an energy transforming exercise that has helped thousands of professional and non-professional care providers find the strength and stamina to go on working and caring for others in need.
Karl D. LaRowe earned his Masters Degree from the School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, is licensed as a clinical social worker and is certified as a mental health examiner. He has extensive experience in mental health as a crisis intervention specialist and therapist, program manager, clinical director and expert witness in court commitment hearings.

For the past 18 years he has given over 1,000 workshops to more than 50,000 professionals on three continents on how to transform the stress and exhaustion of compassion fatigue into energy and empowerment.

Karl holds a black belt in Karate and utilizes martial art principles to demonstrate techniques for energy management and conflict resolution. He is a fascinating, engaging and highly informative speaker who will provide you with a wealth of information and specific tools you can use the very next day.

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