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Thriving! at Work

Helping the Helping Profession
(National Council of Social Services Rapport Magazine, Singapore)

How can social workers be best supported to allow them to thrive at work? This is an important question that NCSS’s Family Service Centre Division aims to answer with their new ‘Thriving At Work’ programme, which provides training, consultation and support to social workers.

The aim of the programme was to promote individual, team and agency resilience and re-ignite enthusiasm and compassion that the social workers have for their work and clients through positive reinforcement of strengths and resources already in place.

Six FSCs - Care Corner FSC (Admiralty), Kampong Kapor FSC, Pasir Ris FSC, PPIS FSC (East), PPIS FSC (West) and Sembawang FSC participated in this pilot programme, which uses a strength-based approach to empower FSCs and social workers to have better selfcare and an improved work environment. Last year, the participants attended a 2-day workshop and subsequently, the trainer Mr Karl LaRowe held six consultation sessions with them at their workplace.

Mr Mohd Ali Mahmood, Senior Director of Social Services, Training and Consultancy, PPIS FSC (West), affirmed the value of the programme: “The sessions have helped the staff use the strength within them to deal with the issues at work. At the same time, getting positive feedback and words of affirmation from peers and colleagues have also helped them to deal better with challenges.”

Mr Kay Teck Hui, Senior Social Worker of Sembawang FSC, agreed: “I believe the non-judgmental attitude and the empathy of the trainer and my colleagues helped me recognise my strengths and contributions.”

Ms Ho Sau Kuen, Executive Director of Sembawang FSC, observed these positive effects, not only on participants, but on other staff as well. She said: “I have witnessed the change in the staff who attended the course - they are more positive and also more aware of compassion fatigue, which helps them to understand what to watch out for.” She added: “The staff who attended this course have also brought back boundless energy and joy to the office which in turn benefited the rest.”

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